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Botox, Dysport, Xeomin

Improve and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles with one of the most popular aesthetic treatments. Treatment time is about 30 minutes, no downtime, results appear in about a week. 

Botox $12/unit

Xeomin $10/unit

Dysport $4.00/unit



Immediate Volume

Reduce or eliminate wrinkles, folds and shadows in the face with easily the most popular treatment in aesthetics. Fillers restore lost volume, enhance facial features, and create contours. Treatment time is about an hour, downtime is less than 2 weeks, results are instant!

Cost $550-$600 per syringe.



Micro Suspension Technology Sutures

Get an "Instant Lift" that lasts a lifetime with Silhouette Instalift. Sutures are placed in the tissue, then mechanically lifted and set in place to create a lift to your face and neck. Over time, the suture dissolves, but is replaced by your body's own collagen. Results are instant, downtime is about 2 weeks, treatment time is about an hour, results get better and better overtime!

Cost $350 per suture



Collagen Induction Therapy

Microneedling creates inflammation that triggers collagen production in the dermis. Texture irregularities such as acne scarring, fine lines, large pores, and even discoloration can all be addressed with a series of Microneedling treatments. Combine this with PRP and at home skincare to enhance results. Treatment time is about an hour, downtime is 1-2 days of redness. A series of 3 or 6 is recommended to see visible results. 

Cost of one $249

Package of 3 $699

Package of 6 $1200

Add PRP $100 per

Skincare Rec: SkinBetter "A-Team Duo" $130

Drug and Syringe


The Difference You’re Looking For

Boost your energy and jump start your metabolism with our awesome Skinny Shot. This injection is a lipotropic combination of amino acids and B Vitamins. The use of lipotropic injections containing important amino acids and vitamins can enhance your weight loss efforts by increasing the function of your liver’s fat metabolism capabilities; thus breaking down the fat. B vitamins and L Carnitine are known to both boost energy and suppress the appetite to get you moving and keep you away from the company doughnuts. You work hard and eat right… now it’s time to see some skinny!

$15 per shot

$80 for 6

$125 for 10



Micro Infusion System

SeruGlowMD uses micro needles to infuse vitamins and other nutrients into the skin. This is a perfect treatment to get your skin picture perfect for an event or gathering where you want to feel your best!

Price: $250-$500

Facial is customized to your needs and desires.



Lifts and Tightens the Skin

Plasma IQ is a lightweight, ergonomic device that delivers focused, controlled energy to safely and effectively create microinjuries on the skin to produce renewed and restored skin. 

Downtime is 7 days of swelling, redness and "scabbing"

*Post treatment take home product is required and sold separately*

Treatment Areas:

Full Peri-Occular Treatment 

  • Includes Upper and Lower Lids, and Crowsfeet

Upper or lower lids only 

  • Non-Surgical "Bleph"


"Smokers Lines"

Lower Face

  • Jowls and Jaw line


  • Jaw Line to Clavicle

Priced Per Area. Packages Available.